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Graphic Design

Layout, Branding, and Design for Print or Web

For all your design needs, including branding, identity, and everything else you want to provide that edge for your business. Your logo speaks for you when you aren’t there – make it count!


 Bronze Sculpture

Bronze sculpture on a portrait and design site? You bet. One of the great things about being a free lance studio is that I can include a wide range of interests. I’ve been working in bronze for over thirty years and have work in homes and businesses across the country. Bronze is an amazing medium in which to work and molten metal at 2000 degrees is a real kick!


People, Pets, and Children

Pets and children are usually the most beloved things in our lives. Why not consider a portrait for your home or business, or as the best gift you will ever give? I usually work in pencil or pastel, depending upon the subject, though oil paint and bronze are possibilities. I will work at any size you want, but all of the children on this site are done at a minimum of 22″ by 30″. A monumental pencil portrait is a showpiece in any setting.

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Custom Logo Design to Fit Your Needs

Why hire an artist to design your logo? Because you want something different. Whether you want the elegance of  typography only  or something artistic, I can do it for you. No job is too big or too small.

Some Examples of My Recent Work


Some of My Esteemed Clients

Deborah Walter